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10/30/12 UPDATE

Abaco fared very well during Sandy, obviously some Homes and Businesses had flooding issues from the Storm Surge but overall Abaco came out with very few “scrapes and bruises”.

If you have upcoming Travel plans do not let Sandy scare you off.  Most all businesses will be open on schedule (I am sure their may be a few exceptions).  This is the overall sentiment I am getting!!  

See you all the week of Thanksgiving !!  

I will Post new info below this area of the Page and date and timestamp each  Posting: (Cursor down for More Info)

800 pm Oct 30

Prime Minister Tours Abaco



255 pm  Oct 30

This is a photo from Dive Abaco’s Facebook page, it gives you a sense of the flooding situation they were up against on Friday August 26, 2012  Snip of the Photo: Hurricane Sandy Flooding Doors Marsh Harbour Abaco

Melinda said to be Sure to “Like” Dive Abaco’s Facebook page!!

Link :

230 pm Oct 29

Just saw this on The Abaconian’s Facebook page

Both PLP and FNM delegations are, or plan to be, on-island today. Including current Prime Minister Perry Christie and Opposition Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis

1255 pm Oct 29
We just got a great email from Abaco Beach Resort and they fared very well:


ABACO, Bahamas (October 29, 2012) – Abaco Beach Resort at Boat Harbour did not incur any serious damage and remains open for business post Hurricane Sandy. Throughout the Category One storm that arrived in the Out Islands last Thursday and Friday, all guests and staff remained safe and secure. This past weekend engineers and surveyors have taken a professional look at the property and although the docks withstood minor flooding, the water shortly receded thereafter and neither the resort nor the marina were damaged.

While Hurricane Sandy disrupted flights arriving and departing from Marsh Harbour, flight service has now resumed.

For more information, please call 1-800-533-4799 or visit

Very glad they fared so well and thanks for the Email.

1159 pm Oct 28

Youtube Video from Guana Cay Abaco Bahamas

620 PM Oct 28

Two Posts today from Hopetown Fire & Rescue:

28 October 2012 / 0930 EDT (relayed from Elbow Cay to Florida)

Ferries restart regular service at 10am today. Cherokee & Bahamas Air both flew this morning. Road is now passable north to south.

28 October 2012 / 1730 EDT (relayed from Elbow Cay to Florida)

BEC has restored power to Elbow Cay except for isolated cases. Awaiting a report on telephones.


600 pm Oct 28
Found these Twitpics on Twitter of Marsh Harbour:

Sandy made a lake of Marsh Harbour. Lol... Coulda go swimming... on Twitpic

Look @ how high the water was in MH! #HurricaneSandy . on Twitpic

1257 pm Oct 28

This video just came in from the folks at the It’s from Friday Oct 26 showing Black Sound on Green Turtle Cay

1201 pm Oct 28

Just saw a post on  Marsh Harbour Airport open today American, Bahamasair, Sky Bahamas all flying today.  Thanks LarryT for the headsup.


1122 am Oct 28
Just saw this tweet from Green Turtle Cay
ツSoftLips SoftKisses @DijahTG
This what #Sandy did to us in Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

Best Wishes go out to @DijahTG for the Photo, we hope everything is OK for you and your family.  Correction: This pic came form a friend who lives on GTC, well we hope everything is OK for your friend.

Snip of the Photo: Green Turtle Cay after Hurricane Sandy

1110 AM Oct 28

There is a post on Tribune 242’s Site about BTC Service update, I am going to publish the Abaco portion of the update. See the source link below for more details on the rest of the Bahama’s.

In Abaco, all services have been disrupted in Marsh Harbour. In Sandy Point, there was a fire at the DC power plant and two dishes are down resulting in a disruption of service. In Castaway Cay, dishes fell from towers, resulting in a disruption of service. In Cherokee Sound, all landline service has been restored, but there is no cellular service. Between Hope Town and Manowar Cay, there is a fiber outage which has affected landline and cell services. Service in Fox Town, Cooper’s Town, Treasure Cay have been restored. All surrounding cays need antenna realignment and there is degradation of cell service.


1100 AM OCt 28
Facebook post from Green Turtle Club and Resort

Green Turtle Club has had damage from the storm surge of Hurricane Sandy. We did not have any structural damage that we can see. We are currently in and assessing all of the damage as water did come inside the offices, gift shop, restaurant and bar. We are planning to be open by Friday the 16th of November but will update here on Facebook as things progress. Phones are not yet working but please e-mail us at either or for information. Thanks so much to all of our friends that are concerned, no one was injured and we are so grateful for that!

Glad to hear everyone is OK, sounds like they got hit hard.


1225 AM Oct 28
Crazy Youtube video from Long Island, It looks like utter chaos outside and the window does not have a shutter on it. Very Scary even though the videographer looks very happy in the video.

1053 pm Oct 27
Just found this video of Green Turtle Cay, it looks like Friday Oct 26 with the offshore winds on really huge surf. Taken by Lowetide2003. Thanks for the video!

636 PM Oct 27

Lubbers Landing Webcam is Up and Running

601 PM Oct 27
Bahamas Press reports that 2nd Hurricane related fatality in the Bahamas if a German National

Link: Bahamas Press Article
429 PM Oct 27
Just saw a Tweet from @diveabaco

Hurricane #Sandy #Abaco #Bahamas FR/26 Oct 2012 Surfing anyone??? And right at the end of the remnants of the…

Facebook Link:

335 pm Oct 27
Some New Video from Spanish Wells and Rainbow Bay in Eleuthra. I do not know when they were shot?

130 PM Oct 27
I just saw this post from the Abaconian’s Facebook page

UPDATE: Was just informed that the airport will remain closed for the remainder of the day as tropical force winds are still in effect in Abaco. It is likely to open tomorrow as Sandy moves further away.

And this was on their page also concerning a breach in the road juat North of Long Beach

There is a breach in the road just north of Long Beach/Island Homes and is difficult to cross. Proceed with caution if travelling through the area.

1229 pm Oct 27
From Firefly Resorts Facebook page
The road is being cleared towards Abaco Inn and Sea Spray. I went as far as Sea Spray everything seems to be fine and okay.
The Done is in tack but allot of beach erosion. When the road opens we will drive to the Southend and send pictures.
The general consensus on the island is that all are well and no real damage to report other than beach erosion and dock damage

Very glad to hear this….

1213 pm Oct 27
Just saw this over on, Larry T left Lubbers Quarters this morning courtesy of Stafford Patterson on a 23 Albury his post is below:
Just arrived Abaco Beach resort at boat harbour
Will stay here until flights resume
All homes we saw on Lubbers appear to have faired well
No power, no Internet there, docks damaged
Everyone seems safe.
Crispin summit looks fine
Bobby and Liz Clubb Lubb also fine
Special shout out to Stafford Patterson (local knowledge/Capt Plug), who brought us across a wild sea of Abaco an hour ago….. 23 foot Albury was a at home even in the rough seas.
Winds last night were almost as bad as Thursday but out of the w-NW
Abaco Beach resort has power and phone and food and BEER!
Apparently BEC making a trip to Hopetown to check things out

Sounds Like Lubbers did OK…except for the docks. Good news indeed!

1052 AM Oct 27
Just got a tweet from the Abaconian that the Marsh Harbour and Treasure Cay Airports will open at Noon today. Post was on The Abaconian’s Facebook page:

BREAKING NEWS: The Marsh Harbour and Treasure Cay Airports will be opening at 12 Noon today.

American Eagle has officially cancelled all flights into Abaco for today.

Bahamasair is not likely to have a flight today due to their planes still being in the USA for safekeeping during the storm. For more info on flight possibilities today contact Bahamasair’s Offices.


10 AM Oct 27
Hopetown fire & Rescue reports:
27 October 2012 / 0930 EDT (relayed from Elbow Cay to Florida)

Current winds 25 to35 mph out of the west. Barometer 993 and rising. Maximum wind gusts over night was close to 70mph. Sea of Abaco still very rough and ferry not running. No scheduled flights in and out of MH today.. possibly later depending on local weather. Fuel available at Sea Spray and Light House. Vegetation took a big hit from wind and salt.

Just glad to hear they are not talking about damages to property…

830 pm Oct 26 Another post from Hopetown Fire & Rescue
26 October 2012 / 2030 EDT (relayed from Elbow Cay to Florida)

Wind now 30 to 40 out of the west. Barometer has risen to 980 and starting to rise fast. The road in front of Paradise is mostly impassable except for trucks or four wheel drive. Captain Jacks will be serving breakfast, Light House marina has gas and will be open. Sea Spray only has carry out due to flooding and previous construction. Still no power island wide.

Capn Jacks Serving Breakfast and Seaspray serving takeout……Woohooo things are getting better already..

730 pm Oct 26
New Post from Hopetown Fire & Rescue (they did post again)
26 October 2012 / 1830 EDT (relayed from Elbow Cay to Florida)

Looks like Sandy gets a record of some kind for being the longest lasting or largest eye. The relatively calm winds that began about 0730 finally broke about 1600. Winds are now 25 to 35 from the west to SW. Barometer has only risen to 977mb from a low of 975. Hopefully this will move out by morning. Light rain showers, mostly horizontal. Nothing more before tomorrow.

6 30pm Oct 26 I just saw this tweet from Geo Mills of Downtown Marsh Harbour
Geo Mills @Geomills81
@BTC242 #Hurricane Sandy Marsh Harbour, Abaco Snipped PhotoMarsh harbour Abaco 26-10-2012 Hurricane Sandy

Interesting Video from Youtube shot in Nassau ….

6:17 pm Oct 26

I had hoped we might get another post from the Hopetown Fire and Rescue Website, but we have not gotten an update since 1:00 pm.

I will keep my eyes on all of my sources and continue post through tonight, although I will warn you that and I need to catch up on my sleep at some point.

5:26 pm Oct 26

Latest Video sent my way is From Bakers Bay on Guana Cay showing beach erosion posted 1 hour ago. The video is too short to really make out any erosion issues.

431 pm Oct 26
This Video is from the East Coast of Florida at Lauderdale by the Sea that was shot this morning.

221 pm Oct 26  I just saw this retweet of  Shenique Miller’s Picture of Green Turtle Cay around 10 am this morning

Shenique Miller@sheniquemiller

Green Turtle Cay, Abaco under

Here is a snip of the Photo:

green turtle cay Flooding 26-10-2012 Hurricane Sandy

Green Turtle Cay Flooding 26-10-2012 photo by Shenique Miller

109 PM Oct 26

Good new report from Hopetown Fire and Rescue

26 October 2012 / 1300 EDT (relayed from Elbow Cay to Florida)

Winds continue to be light 15 to 20 mph out of the WSW. Many docks have lifted due to storm surge. Damage reports concern roof shingles, gutters and erosion. Everyone a little confused as to where the back side of the storm is and will the winds increase greatly. All in all, damage is light.. unless it’s your boat in the road or house that has been undercut.

Most reports I have seen are all saying light damages… I hope this trend continues…  No word on ABACO INN, hoping for the best!

1259 pm Oct 26

Listening to Guardian Radio now Storm has slowed down to moving 6 MPH where it was moving as fast as 16 MPH this morning.

National Hurricane Center Update

Video from Youtube of the Aftermath, (this video looks like Nassau)

1256 pm Oct 26

Ron from Maestro just emailed us with a Report from Hopetown Inn and Marina 

Hi Everyone,

 I just spoke to Aaron at Hope Town Inn and Marina.  Everything looks to be fine there with no apparent damage to boats or the marina.  Water was over the docks but has subsided.  I got him on a cell phone which he says has been on and off.

 Ron from Maestro

Thanks Ron!

1155 AM Oct 26

Found some Posts on Facebook from Nippers on Guana Cay

Looking through their Pics…. Where did they get Oysters from??  I see Crystal’s Hot Sauce and Horseradish, somebody knows oysters!!

1140 AM OCT 26
Twitter post from Fire Fly Resort with a beautiful sunny picture during the passing of the Eye of Sandy.

Firefly Resort Abaco @Firefly_Resort
Amazing how things look during the eye of #Sandy in #Abaco. Waiting for 2nd round. @SamChampion

Firefly Resort Abaco during Eye of Hurricane Sandy Oct 26 2102

Firefly Resort Elbow Cay During Passing of the Eye of Hurricane Sandy 26-Oct-2012 1130am

Here is the Snipped Photo:

11 am Oct 26
Newest post Hopetown Fire & Rescue
26 October 2012 / 1100 EDT (relayed from Elbow Cay to Florida)

Not much more to report. Winds remain light out of the NW, mostly to partly sunny. Everyone is waiting for the second half but still all is calm for more than two hours now. Looking at satellite & radar, it appears the really bad weather has passed but winds should pick up as the storm continues north
1030 am Oct 26

New Post from Hopetown Fire & Rescue

26 October 2012 / 0947 EDT (relayed from Elbow Cay to Florida)

White Sound road is flooded between Third Sunrise (just north of Sea Spray Resort) to just south of the Abaco Inn. High tide was around 6am so hopefully we’ve seen the worst of the flooding. The back side of the storm should have wind NW to SW pushing against a falling tide. Water got as high as the south Fire Station. Conditions are very similar to hurricane Jeane. Boats at Sea Spray appear to be fine. Winds did not seem to be as high as expected. The high road in front of Paradise has eroded but held. The large blocks are still in place. Roads in HT are mostly clear but numerous telephone lines are down. Cell phones are working.. probably connecting with Marsh Harbour. Report from Scotland Cay is that all is fine, slight damage. Waves were breaking over the cay at one point. Guana is fine but concerned about the back side of the storm with western exposure. All areas are reporting significant beach erosion. Winds are just starting to pick up. More as I get it.

931AM Oct26

Just Saw this on from Jack Albury

In Abaco we have  quite a lot of flooding, tree damage and some roof
shingles lost. Fortunately so far I have heard of no major injuries. In a
day or more I will get a more detailed  report.
Thanks to for your web which I find quite helpful.

Jack Albury

Just saw this on Hopetown Fire & Rescue Site 9am Oct 26 Update:

26 October 2012 / 0900 EDT (relayed from Elbow Cay to Florida)

Wind is calm and barometer 973mb. Light showers. It is reported that so far the dune in White Sound has held but there is a lot of water in the road. Sea Spray and HT are saying that they have had water about 10 inches above their docks. Beach erosion being reported up and down the island and some beach houses are being undercut. No reports yet of heavy damage to houses. Expect to have a more extensive update within the hour.

Glad the Dune at White Sound held, here’s prayers for Abaco Inn and the Road just North of the Inn! Very glad they heard from Seaspray! Shout out to Junior!!

845am Oct 26

Listening to Gaurdian Talk Radio Click on “Live Streaming”  Presently interviewing an official from Harbour Island, Administrator Johnson
730am oct 26
Video from Marsh Harbour by Sheyna
A few gusts of wind and some rain. Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas

630am oct 26

Video from Sandy (can’t verify location)

215am oct 26

BBC Story with video

2AM Fri Oct 26

Winds down to 85 in this new 2am NHC Advisory




1:29 am Oct 26
BEC Update 2 from ZNS website

1:00 am Oct 26

Video of Winding Bay posted from iwitness weather page  not certain if it is from Wed 24th or Thurs 25th of October. I can not 100% verify its authenticity.

Video from Green Turtle Cay on 24th or 25th from Username: zachroberts

captioned:    The surge from the east side of the island breaking on the outer reefs before hitting the island.This is just the beginning

This video was taken at Morgan’s Bluff Andros Island, Bahamas. October 25, at 2pm

Satellite Pic of Sandy Lashing Abaco from Intellicast @ 12:45am Oct 26  see this Link:

hurricane sandy going over abaco


12:15 AM Oct 26

Here is a Twitter post from Dive Abaco about 11:30 pm Oct 25

DIVE ABACO! Bahamas @DiveAbaco

@oceanshaman Stay safe during#Sandy. Wtx continues to deteriorate in #Abaco #Bahamas, but at least it’s been a BLUE COVE day. #Tweet4Taiji


12:05 AM Oct 26

Here is an Instagram from Twitter @mac1charles  not certain where he is?

11:55 Oct 25

It looks Like the eye passsed over Southern Eleuthra earlier this afternoon and it is now 12 midnight Oct 26 and the eye still looks like the eye is well off shore and moving due north

See this Intellicast animation:

It looks Like Abaco is now taking the beating that Sandy is giving.


Most of the best information I am reading is from

Here is an Instagram from Ashley Barr Afternoon at Snappas in Marsh Harbour

ashley barr @ashley_barr

Sandy cominnn! @ Snappa’s Grill and Chill

9:30 pm Oct 25
ZNS Video from Thursday night

Hurricane Sandy From Space

Good video of Waves in Jamaica from JamaicaObserver